About PS Hub Finance Services

Please see below a list of the services we provide and service descriptions.
Accounts Payable 

Invoice management 

Invoice input to MyFinance system, dealing with invoice exceptions/errors 

Bank detail set up 

Set up of New Bank Accounts and amendments of existing records 

Payment processing 

Processing of various payment runs, including payroll and international payments 

Expenses processing 

Processing manual external expense forms, dealing with exceptions/errors 

Supplier set up 

New Supplier form set up process, new supplier requests approved by procurement and set up by AP 

Enquiry management 

Dealing with internal and external invoice. expense and payment queries 

Student Fees 

Student Fee Account Management 

Ensure students’ records are accurate and showing the correct fee details according to their MOA and programme of study 

Fee Charging 

Applying a fee to a student record according to the fee matrix 

Fee invoicing 

Creating an invoice (digital) in accordance with the students’ fees’ record 

SLC Administration 

Ensuring students’ attendance and changes to their programme of study are reported accurately and in accordance with SLC deadlines to allow for prompt SLC payment  

Sponsor Administration 

Monitoring and updating sponsor details and invoicing sponsors for students.  

Fee Income Allocation 

Allocation of all income relating to fees from Bank Statement, EPDQ and internal payment transfers. 

Debt management 

Implementing the debt cycle and sanctions relating to fee debt 

Tuition Fee Refunds 

Administering tuition fee refunds to students, sponsors and internal depts 

Tuition Fee Enquiry management 

Responding to email enquiries via RemedyForce, (also internal queries via staff only email, refund enquiries via refund email, SRS (AskUCL) enquiries via SRS only email) 


For a more extensive list of activities please visit the UCL task library, which we are working on adding to.

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