Brand and Visual Identity

UCL is a prestigious brand recognised around the world, with a strong and distinctive visual identity and editorial style.

UCL logo in multicolour
As the guardian of our brand, we are pleased to support all UCL staff in ensuring we maintain quality in all UCL communications. 

We provide all the tools and guidance you need to use UCL's visual identity correctly and effectively. We also provide inspiration for creating a more tailored style for your campaign, project, department or faculty.

Go direct to our brand website or browse the FAQs below. You can also contact brand.comms@ucl.ac.uk with specific queries.

UCL brand implementation

UCL visual identity

The UCL visual identity provides a consistent and coherent design language for UCL. As the most prominent visual representation of our university, we need to ensure it is used correctly. Go to the visual identity overview.

UCL logo / UCL banner

UCL’s visual identity is unusual because we do not use a traditional logo; in effect, the most important visual element of the UCL brand is the banner.

A logo can be made available but it must only be used when it's not possible to use the banner, or when working with partners.

For details, please refer to the banner guidelines and to  the logo guidelines

New UCL logos (e.g. for a new department)

Please remember the UCL logo (as opposed to the banner) is only used for partnerships with external organisations.

It that is the case, you can request the UCL logo, or your UCL departmental logo, in any colour from the UCL palette. Find out more about logo requests.

Brand guidelines

All details are available online - go to view the brand website. For specific queries, contact brand.comms@ucl.ac.uk.

Brand resources (templates, banners, etc)

Our range of brand resources include banner downloads, templates, information on editorial house style, merchandise, etc. For all details, go to brand resources

UCL image library

Imagestore is UCL's central repository for UCL imagery, templates and brand resources.

UCL faculties and departments can request their own archive to share and store their content. Contact the team for further information via imagestore@ucl.ac.uk

UCL News flickr gallery also has a selection of great images, however you should note that some of these images may be subject to license restrictions and permission from the creator may be required before use.

Help with design, print, and audio/video production (using the UCL identity)

Check our list of suppliers, including UCL Digital Media and UCL Health Creatives.

Or you contact us direct at brand.comms@ucl.ac.uk with specific queries. 

Legal considerations

The UCL logo is the most prominent visual representation of our brand, so we need to ensure it is used in the right way.

Find out more about the legal considerations with regards to using the brand.