Bidborough House Locker Policy

Lockers will be assigned to staff based on their category as defined in the hybrid working guidance

  • On-site First workers will be provided with a locker for their personal use.   
  • Hybrid Workers will be required to share a locker with a colleague within their team unless by exception. 
  • Remote First workers no locker will be assigned unless by exception. 

Exceptions to this rule will be made and personal lockers provided for staff: 

  • who have an individual need to store specialist equipment, such as hard hats, Hi-Viz clothing; or 
  • who have a requirement to store equipment supporting accessibility needs.  

Lockers must only be used for the purposes of storing personal belongings and for no other purpose. The Locker shall not be used for storage of any materials deemed to be inappropriate by UCL including without limitation illegal or offensive materials, perishable items, valuable items or articles belonging to anyone other than the User.    

Lockers will be managed and allocated by Business Operations Services.