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UCL Safety Induction - self-paced (usi) 
Course Description:

NOTE: You cannot access the UCL Safety induction here. Please use the direct link to UCL Safety Induction.

To demonstrate compliance with UCL's mandatory requirement for safety induction for new starters you are expected to complete this course, your Local Safety Induction which includes carrying out a local fire safety familiarisation of your place of work using a Fire Safety Induction form TN086 accessed from the Fire Safety webpage, and to undertake the Fire Safety eLearning course.


To complete the course you need to have:

  • Viewed the presentation on safety, health and well-being at UCL

  • Viewed the UCL?s Health and Safety Policy document

  • Complete the multiple choice quiz.

You can skip the section on 'Local safety induction confirmation', or to give a 'No' answer to the two questions. However, we strongly advise that you complete your local safety induction as soon as you start to work on site.

Intended Audience:
Target Audience: All
01/01/1951 -  (Enrol between 01/01/1951 and 05/01/2022)

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