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The Writing Series: Format your thesis (Mac)
Course Description:

The aim of the session is to teach a large number of research students the necessary skills to quickly and effectively format content in MS Word, create a thesis template that meets university guidelines and save time to focus on your writing. You will follow a demonstration and use your own Laptop or Mac to practice each technique.

The method of delivery, which includes the use of online screencasts which can be referred to after each session, allows a large number of students to attend and learn necessary skills.

The Format Your Thesis session focuses on learning essential formatting skills and time-saving shortcuts with MS Word that will ensure your paper meets UCL guidelines and gives you more time to focus on your writing. 

Learn a wide range of useful skills including how to use styles for quick and consistent formatting of content throughout your paper, move sections of content at speed, change the layout of pages from portrait to landscape to suit specific content, customise headers and footers in chapters, ensure tables are consistent in appearance, edit images and diagrams, use automated captions and cross references for objects, create a table of contents and use a wide range of shortcuts to save time.

Online screencasts can also be viewed after each session to remind you of the various formatting skills when working on your paper. 

You will learn how to format your content in a high-quality style and create a template for your paper.