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An introduction to working with UCL Media Relations and the media
Course Description:

Run by UCL’s team of experienced communications professionals and former journalists, this short course provides a useful introduction about how best to work with the UCL Media Relations team and promoting academic research to the media. 

Course Trainer bio: Chris Lane is Deputy Head of Media Relations at UCL and manages the research communications for the UCL faculties of Brain Sciences and Life Sciences. He has led dozens of media training sessions, presentations and lectures for UCL staff and students. He has been in UCL’s media team since 2016, having previously worked in similar roles in Vancouver, Canada after completing a master’s degree in journalism and working at online news outlets.

The session will cover:

    Who’s who in the UCL Media Relations Team and what UCL channels we cover including our experts’ database

    How we pitch our experts to the media and fulfil requests for expert comment

    The press release process and how embargoes work

    Working out ‘what’s your story'

    The importance of writing clear and compelling content, which will be  more likely to be picked-up by the media

    Different channels that are available to disseminate your research 

    Why it’s important to work with the media and raise your profile and how media work can lead to impact 

By the end of the course, you will be able to: 

    Know who to contact in the media team and how we can help 

    Know what makes the news and understand what the key elements of a press release are

    Have a better understanding of how the UK media works and how to promote your work to more audiences

    Have more confidence in speaking to the media 

    Know how to add yourself as a media expert and deal with media requests 


This session will enable you to uncover the relationship between media and research. 

Intended Audience:
Target Audience: UCL Research Staff Only
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