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The Writing Series: Structure, Title and Abstract
Course Description:

This course complements the self-paced course ‘The writing series: Writing and Publishing a Research Paper’ by providing a chance to ask questions of expert trainers about structuring your paper and its abstract and writing a title for it.

Please Note: To attend this session you must be enrolled on 'The Writing Series: Writing and Publishing a Research Paper' and should have watched the videos on the main message, structure, abstract and title.

To forge a career in academia, you need to publish research papers in peer-reviewed journals. This video session will enable you to discuss and ask questions about the material on structure, abstract and title in the self-paced course ‘The writing series – Writing and Publishing a Research Paper’. To attend this session you need to be enrolled on the self-paced course and should have watched the videos in Part 2 (main message, structure, abstract and title). There will be discussion in small groups, an exercise or two and time for questions. 

This session will cover: 

  • The sections of a paper, what to put in each one and in what order
  • How this structure varies between fields, journals and types of paper
  • How to craft the main message of your paper
  • The important elements of an abstract that will make readers want to read your paper
  • Key considerations when writing a paper title

This course is provided by Cofactor (http://cofactorscience.com). It has been developed by Cofactor founder Anna Sharman, an experienced researcher trainer who has been a postdoc, an in-house biology journal editor and a publishing consultant. Zoom sessions will be facilitated by two of Cofactor‘s experienced associate trainers, who have been selected and trained by Anna.


By the end of this course you will: 

  • Know what aspects of the paper to focus on the most
  • Have a set of key sentences written about your next paper 
  • Be well on the way to putting these sentences together into an abstract
Intended Audience:
This course is suitable for researchers at all levels, including those who are starting to write their first paper for a journal and those who have already written and published several papers. It can be taken by researchers in all areas of academia but the examples used are mostly from science, technology, medicine and social sciences.
Target Audience: UCL Research Staff and PG Research students only
02/02/2022 - 02/02/2022  (Enrol between 01/12/2021 and 26/01/2022)

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