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Introduction to Research Impact
Course Description:

Term 2: 02/03/2022 10:00-13:00

Term 3: 08/06/2022 10:00-13:00

Creating impact in the ‘real world’ is an important aspect of research culture at UCL. In this course, we will introduce you Impact at UCL, how to find support and funding for activities, and highlight initiatives which will develop new pathways to impact for your research. 

‘Delivering Impact for Public Benefit’ is a core aim of the 2019 UCL Research Strategy, as the university strives to utilise research for addressing the world’s greatest societal and economic challenges. The aim of this course is to introduce postgraduates, early career researchers and new staff to Impact at UCL to help researchers understand different definitions related to engagement and impact across the University and Research funding landscape, how these activities could benefit a researcher’s career and how working with external partners can add value to research.

This session will cover: 

  • What is impact and why is it important for researchers? 
  • Transferable skills and career development
  • Types of impact: An introduction to engagement teams and support at UCL 
  • Research partners and beneficiaries 
  • Measuring impact

The UCL Research Impact Team is part of the Vice Provost Research, Innovation and Global Engagement office. In addition to supporting the development of over 200 impact projects and case studies for REF 2021, the team support individual academics with impact planning and activities, provide faculties with data and advice for collating impact information and work alongside strategic initiatives, projects and programmes to measure UCL’s institutional impact on societies biggest challenges.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Find support and potential funding for impact and engagement activities across UCL
  • Understand the difference between engagement, impact, knowledge exchange and dissemination
  • Understand why and how working with external partners will benefit both your research and career
  • Begin to plan for impact activities relating to your own research 
  • Measure and gather evidence of your impact from activities
Intended Audience:

Postgraduate Students, Early Career Researchers, New Research Staff to UCL. Those attending PE:SP programmes.

Target Audience: UCL Research Staff and PG Research students only
02/03/2022 - 02/03/2022  (Enrol between 05/01/2022 and 24/02/2022) Enrol

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