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Creating Inclusive Approaches to Involving a Diverse Group of People in Research
Course Description:

Join us to learn how an inclusive values based approach can help you to involve a diverse range of stakeholders in your research. What does this mean? It means putting other people at the heart of your engagement and involvement work.

This practical session will help you to think about what is important to you and your research (your values) and explore how to apply underlying values for effective involvement of people in ways that can develop your research and practice.

Public engagement, patient involvement, co-production? Do you feel like none of these things are clear to you? Involving people in your research needn’t be about grappling with definitions!

In this session we suggest a different approach – starting with your values. You will learn how to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for involving a diverse group of people in your research, helping to shape it with a genuine cross section of stakeholders.

You will have chance to consider what is important to you and your research and how to apply underlying values essential to involving other people from outside of your research bubble in an authentic and beneficial way.

The session will be a practical one, providing you with tips and tools for developing your own inclusive values-based approach. The session will be useful whether you are looking to do co-production, public engagement, patient public involvement or a combination of all three!


Learning outcomes for this session include:

  • Developing your understanding of the importance of values based working
  • The ability to integrate values based working into your research practice
  • Knowledge of how to create equitable spaces for involvement work
  • Knowledge of tools to help you to work in a values based way

Intended Audience:
Target Audience: All
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