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The Writing Series: Academic Writing Logic (OD.RP.1180.04) 
Course Description:
In academic writing the logic of the language must create and accurately reflect the arguments being made. The course highlights sound practice to achieve this and identifies and deals with some very common pitfalls.
This session will cover: ? The key structures that create good arguments ? How punctuation works to structure text ? The most common pitfalls that everyone encounters from time to time ? Systematic drafting techniques that lead to tidy, fit-for-purpose writing By the end of this course you will be able to: ? Identify and avoid structural errors that lead to mis-readings ? Construct longer sentences with good logical connections ? Develop your arguments over paragraph length and longer.
Intended Audience:
The principles of sound compositional technique, centred on the structures needed to make logical arguments, are rarely taught but are easily learnt. Fifteen years experience has given the tutor, Peter Forbes, a case book of the most common pitfalls in creating sound logical arguments in all academic writing whether scientific or humanistic. The course is equally applicable to native and non-native speakers of English.
Target Audience: All
29/11/2021 - 29/11/2021  (Enrol between 09/09/2021 and 24/11/2021) Enrol

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