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Women in Research Conference (OD.RP.0050) 
Course Description:

The Women in Research Leadership Programme is launching its new masterclass series for 2021-22. Join us to explore:

  1. The rich programme of existing masterclasses available online, 
  2. Preview the new series 
  3. The chance to network with other women researchers at UCL in break-out sessions
  4.  Join a growing community of alumni 

A perfect way to start the new Academic Year, pick up practical ideas and gain support from a powerful community. 

Natacha Wilson, founder and director of Cambridge Insights, is an experienced course director, development consultant and coach, specialising in leadership and innovation in the context of research. Natacha gained multi-sector experience and worked in the creative and innovation sphere before moving to the University of Cambridge. She worked for the Business School and the Centre for Personal and Professional development on a range of leadership courses, skills development initiatives and impact evaluation. Natacha’s research interest focuses on identifying the skills, traits and conditions needed to become a successful leader in research and beyond. She is passionate about supporting researchers on their leadership journey.


By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the masterclasses you are interested in 
  2. Explore the multiple facets of leadership and how this relates to your own development as a woman researcher at UCL
  3. Connect with new researchers across fields and departments 
  4. Explore the role of personal development and support available to help you succeed in this New Academic year

Intended Audience:
Early career women researchers (post-graduate students and research staff)
Target Audience: UCL Research Staff and PG Research students only

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