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Building Emotional Connections On-line
Course Description:

This workshop will enable managers and employees to maximise emotional connection and understanding when communicating online in order to create the best impact.

We will give participants tools and techniques to achieve influence and engagement when communicating remotely. This is useful for a range of situations when colleagues are unable to meet in person.

In remote or distributed teams, we can see a profound shift towards communicating via video, phone and email and a relative absence of direct face to face communication. Communicating with minimal non-verbal cues makes it hard for us to deliver messages with the right emotional tone or to read the emotional response of others. In addition, remote teams can lose cohesion and a sense of shared responsibility for decisions and actions. As a result, we can find it harder to build rapport, engage interest, resolve differences in viewpoint, gain mutual commitment, or simply to be understood.

By revisiting some core principles of communication we identify actions that reflect the opportunities and challenges that online communication can bring.

This session will cover:

  • Using the most appropriate and effective channels.
  • Delivering engaging messages.
  • Building emotional connection in influencing.
  • Getting agreement and action.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • develop insights and strategies for influencing and engaging colleagues who are working remotely
  • Intended Audience:
    Managers, team leaders, leaders
    Target Audience: UCL Staff only

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