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DSD: In an Nutshell: Better Tables in Markdown (ISINBTM) 
Course Description:

This is a one hour demonstration session that introduces you to the tools that are available for creating attractive and well designed tables in Rmarkdown.

The focus will be on choosing the appropriate tool, and we will look briefly at a number of packages including kable, stargazer and pander.

Although this is primarily a demonstration students may wish to have a laptop to install the tools we introduce.

Topics covered will include:
  • How does the default table markdown work?
  • What packages exist to improve the default tables?
    • raw html
    • raw LaTeX
    • kable
    • stargazer
    • xtable
    • pander
Intended Audience:
This course is aimed at users of Rmarkdown who want to include tabulations of data in their work.
Target Audience: UCL Students only
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