UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


UG Handbook (Politics & Sociology)

Politics, Sociology and East European Studies BA Handbook

The programme requires you to take the equivalent of 360 credits over three years, 120 in each year. You will also write a dissertation based on your own research related to a topic in Politics or Sociology linked to the region.

The basic principle of the BA Politics and Sociology degree is progression from one year to the next along defined disciplinary pathways. Knowledge and skills learned in one year provide building blocks for more advanced study in each subsequent year.

Please note students can only register for 120 credits in total per year of study and optional modules are subject to change.

Year One

You must select 120 modules in total.

Compulsory Modules (60 credits):

Optional Modules: select at least one of the two modules below; 

Plus course options to a value of maximum 45 course units:

Please note that other Politics and Sociology Modules include:

SESS0083, is a prerequisite for taking Concepts of Security in year 2 and European Security in the final year. 

Or any of the module options listed for SSEES in the Language and Culture or the Economics & Business Area.  You may also select language modules from other departments. 


Year Two

In your second year, you must choose a total of 120 credits.

Compulsory core courses (30 credits):

Plus at least two compulsory courses chosen from the following (30 credits in total):

Other options available:

All students can take up to 30 credits of electives from SSEES options, including a language, or from an another UCL department. (For non-SSEES modules you may take 30 credits in total over Years 2 and 3) 

Year Abroad

Students should refer to the Study Abroad section of the Student Handbook 

Year Three (Year Four for those on the year abroad programme)

Students must take three course units at advanced level (L6) in their second and third years combined in order to be awarded an honours degree. Students cannot take any introductory courses in their final year of study (L4). Students can only take 15 cu of language at intermediate or advanced level. 

Compulsory Module 

Dissertation (in one chosen discipline which has been studied in Year 2) (30 credits). Non Condoneable. 

Minimum of 30 cu and maximum of 90 cu from the following group:

You then may take up to 30 credits of electives, from SSEES options, including a language, or from another UCL department. Please note that for non-SSEES or floating modules this is a total of 30 credits over Years 2 and 3. This excludes languages.