UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Study Skills Guide

Studying at university level means that much of your learning will take place independently, using the various resources available to you. This means you will need to take much of the responsibility for your own study.

Some of the academic skills you are expected to use at university may be new to you. You are expected to research your subject, write clear and concise essays with correctly presented referencing, produce reports, give presentations, take exams, and manage your time effectively.

Investing in your skills development will ease the transition to university life, as you face new, diverse demands on your time and energy. It will also improve your academic work and employment prospects – both for part-time work while here and for full-time work when you graduate.

1 An introduction to study skills
2 Assessment
3 Writing an essay
4 Writing a review
5 Writing a commentary on a passage of prose, poem or historical document
6 Giving a talk or making a presentation
7 Free-standing dissertation
8 Style guidelines for references and bibliography
9 Plagiarism
10 Revision for examination