UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


SEEE0005 Narratives of Exile

UCL Credits: 15

Total Learning Hours: 150

ECTS: 7.5

Level: Intermediate


Term 1

Module Coordinator: Dr Olga Voronina

Taught By: Dr Olga Voronina

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Weekly Contact Hours: [2.0] (1 hour lecture and 1 hour tutorial per week)
Prerequisites: None
Compulsory Module for:

Summative Assessment

Coursework Essay 3000 words (100%)

Formative Assessment

To be confirmed

Module Outline

Exile has been interpreted as an archetypal human experience and a metaphor for artistic creation. This course examines the concept of exile and its various mythological, cultural, historical and psychological parameters, as represented in narratives drawn from twentieth-century Russian, French, American and Czech literature. Selected fiction and non-fiction texts (novels, short stories, essays) will be contextualized within a broad thematic repertoire, including estrangement, memory, nostalgia, homeland, adopted country, diaspora, eternal return, translingualism, identity, cosmopolitanism, globalization, transnationalism, and inter-cultural communication.

Indicative Texts

  • Ivan Bunin ‘In Paris’ (from the collection Dark Avenues)
  • Irène Némirovsky 'Snow in Autumn'
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald ‘Babylon Revisited’
  • Nina Berberova 'The Accompanist'
  • Vladimir Nabokov ‘Mademoiselle O’
  • Milan Kundera 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Ignorance'
  • Salman Rushdie 'Imaginary Homelands'
  • Joseph Brodsky 'A Guide to a Renamed City' and ‘The condition we call exile'


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