UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Ruomeng Wang (Arthur)

Ruomeng Wang

Email: ruo.wang.15@ucl.ac.uk

Supervisor: Dr Julia Korosteleva and Dr Tomas Cvrcek

Present status: PhD candidate, Post-Graduate Teaching Assistant, Post-Graduate Teaching Assistant Representative.

Modules taught: Introduction to Microeconomics (Term 1), Introduction to Macroeconomics (Term 2)

Working title of thesis: Financial development and poverty reduction: A comparative analysis of their Relationship in Emerging and Developed Economies.

Research: My research is to examine the relationship between financial development and poverty reduction in emerging economies. A successful country’s development process involves not only economic growth, but also poverty reduction. Many of the emerging economies have undoubtedly achieved praiseworthy economic performances, yet, some of them still struggle to fight against poverty. Especially when they started to liberalize and reform their financial systems since 1980s and suffered severe back fires to their financial systems’ stability and economic development, due to their premature deregulations that caused by failure to recognize their financial markets’ imperfections and underdevelopment.

In my first empirical chapter, I have investigated the direct effect of financial development on poverty reduction, using a battery of various financial development indicators and poverty indicators, when taking into account of macroeconomic environments. In my second empirical chapter, I would investigate the indirect effect of financial development on poverty reduction, for instance, through economic growth and crisis channels. And in my third empirical chapter, I would focus mainly on the Chinese financial market, using its regional data to investigate the relationship.

Research Interests: my research interests lie in the fields of financial development, macroeconomics, and poverty reduction in emerging economies.