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Homosexuality is legal in Romania since 2001, but same-sex marriage and partnership is not recognised, with an exception of foreign same-sex marriages. Discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is banned under Romanian criminal code in areas of housing, employment and military service. It is legal to change one’s legal gender, but the legal procedures are to accomplish that are not straightforward. National Council for Combating Discrimination is an official governmental body in charge of implementing anti-discrimination laws and policies in Romania. 

LGBTQ map of Romania


Data and statistics
News portals
Digital libraries and archives
  • Adrian Newell Queer Archive - documents on the history of homosexuality in Romania, available via Facebook page [in Romanian].
  • Bucharest Digital Library - Romanian periodicals available freely in digital format from the collection of the Bucharest Metropolitan Library. [in Romanian, English].
  • Memoria - Digital library of interviews, memoirs, oral history studies, books and images of Romania's recent history [in Romanian, English].
  • The National Archives of Romania  - Electronic services portal that can be used to navigate through fond descriptions and the collections of the territorial structures of the National Archives of Romania, including browsing through certain digital documents [in Romanian, English].
  • The National Film Archive - Romanian Cinematheque provides access to selected films excerpts from its collection, also small selection of film posters [in Romanian, English].
  • RESTITUTIO is the digital platform of the ‘Carol I’ Central University Library which gathers digitized collections of manuscripts, old and rare books, press, journals and other serial publications, current Romanian and foreign books, iconographic resources, cartographic resources and audio-video resources [in Romanian, English].
  • Romanian National Digital Library  - Contains wide variety of digitised documents such as manuscripts, old and rare books, periodicals, stamps, maps, photographic material from the collection of the National Library of Romania, as well as documents originally published only in electronic format [in Romanian, English].
  • Accept - an NGO that advocates for the rights of LGBT people in Romania. Their website contains articles and videos related to LGBT in Romania [in Romanian].
  • Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender - A.L.E.G. - a nongovernmental organization active in preventing and fighting violence against women and children and in promoting gender equality. [in Romanian and English].
  • Eu sunt! Tu? [in Romanian]. 
  • MozaiQ [in Romanian].
  • TRANSform​ [in Romanian].
Other resources