UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Social Sciences Research Student Seminars

The Social Sciences Research Student Seminars provide PhD students with an opportunity to present their research to their colleagues, peers and other students from various disciplinary backgrounds.

Researchers find the seminars particularly useful for developing reflective practice as a social researcher, practicing presentation skills, research advancement and receiving constructive feedback.

The seminar begins with a presentation, followed by a discussion, where in a supportive and warm environment the presenter has the opportunity to answer questions and discuss personal academic worries, in addition to discussing issues related to fieldwork, methodology, research design and epistemology.

Each session ends with a wine reception, which is a great opportunity for everyone to socialise with members of the academic community in an informal setting.

Day/Time: Thursdays, 18:00
Venue: Room 347, UCL SSEES, 16 Taviton Street, UCL, London, WC1H 0BW
(Unless otherwise specified)

Upcoming events

14 Nov 2017. 6pmAlexandra Bulat (UCL SSEES): ‘The brightest and the best’, us, and the rest: Framing EU migration in the 2016 EU referendum campaign

21 Nov 2017 6pm

Ruomeng Wang (UCL SSEES): Financial Development and Poverty Reduction - The Case for Emerging Economies
28 Nov 2017 6pmMaria Floruțău (UCL SSEES): Moral aesthetics in late Enlightenment Leiden: a case study in the circulation of knowledge between Britain and Transylvania



Past Events

Spring Term 2017

16 February 2017, 6pm
Room 347, UCL SSEES

Andrea Peinhopf (UCL SSEES):
Discourses of collective identity in post-Soviet Abkhazia: an everyday approach
23 February 2017, 6pm
Room 347, UCL SSEES
Ondrej Timco: Transnational embezzlement of public assets: The Lazarenko case
11 May 2017, 6pm
UCL Drayton House B06,
30 Gordon St, London WC1H 0AX
Attitudes towards EU migrants in the UK: the influence of ethnicity, nationality, and location by Alexandra Bulat, and What are the main factors leading to transition success of EBRD investment projects? by Natalia Kryg
25 May 2017, 6pm
Drayton House B04, 30 Gordon St, London WC1H 0AX
Aigul Bekberdiyeva: The impact of commodity prices on stock market returns in Kazakhstan and Russia – a comparative analysis
08 June 2017, 6pm
UCL Drayton House B06, 30 Gordon St, London WC1H 0AX
'The Kino-khudozhnik and the Material Environment in Early Russian and Soviet Fiction Film, 1907-1931' by Eleanor Rees, and 'What is the role of informality in governance and how does it relate to electoral accountability?' by Bence Tót
Autumn Term 2016
15 December 2016
6pm, Room 432
Peter Braga (UCL SSEES) 10 Years of China's Relations with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus: Regional Balancing and Authoritarian Persistence
Spring Term 2016

Spring Term 2016 Programme in conjunction with the Arts & Humanities Research Student Seminars.

14 JanuaryThe Russo-British Relationship in 2000 - 2012: From a Historical Perspective
Freya Curran 
4 FebruaryConstructing Urban Narratives: Public Art and the Gendering of Urban Space in Vilnius, Minsk and Kaliningrad
Dzmitry Suslau
11 FebruaryDiversity and collaboration in Economics
Sultan Orazbayev 
25 FebruaryNabokov in Context: His Literary Origins in Russia Abroad
Bryan Karetnyk
10 MarchChasing the Dollar? Amphibian Man and Soviet Cinema's Quest for Genre Credibility
Alex Graham
17 March
Room 431
Born in the Global Age: Central Asia's new states
Dr Ernesto Gallo
19 May
G23 Pearson, UCL
Tracing Authoritarian Learning in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine
Stephen Hall
2 June
Drayton B19, UCL
'Russian-Algerian Energy Relations 2001-2014: Creating a Geopolitical Platform' by Samir Amar Setti and 'The Politics of Developing the Russian Arctic (2008-2015): Energy, Shipping & Security' by Thomas Hedegard
Autumn Term 2015
2015-16 Autumn Term Programme
10 December

Evolution Of Great Power Discourse In Russia: Long Seventeenth Century

Anatoly Reshetnikov (Central European University, Hungary)

Anatoly is a PhD candidate at the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations, at the CEU in Hungary and is currently an affiliate researcher at UCL SSEES.

Spring Term 2015
2014-15 Spring Term Programme
10 June

Conceptualising Authoritarian Learning

Stephen Hall

3 June

Representing history in British heavy metal music of the 1980s

Alexandra Kolesnikm

4 March

Georgian hospitality between public and private: outline of the thesis

Costanza Curro

18 MarchTom Carter
Spring Term 2014
2013-14 Spring and Summer Term Programme
15 January
Minority representation and policy-making in Estonia and Latvia: preliminary observations from fieldwork

Licia Cianetti

5 February
Special Seminar on Ukraine: The Ukrainian extreme right and the pro-EU protests
Anton Shekhovtsov and Dr Andrew Wilson

This seminar will take place in the Masaryk Senior Common Room

12 February
Response of governments to hate crimes based on sexual orientation

Piotr Godzisz

26 February
Presidential activism in Central and Eastern Europe: powers, perceptions, and the question of popular elections

Philipp Köker

5 March
An obstacle to arms control? The Russian leadership and the issue of Euro-Atlantic missile defence

Valerie Pacer

12 March
Determinants of occupational choice in transition economies

Paulina Stepien

19 March
The "responsibility to protect" in Georgia: Uses, misuses and implications

Erna Burai

26 March
Analysing war crimes tribunals: What the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia reveals about power

Kristen Perrin

7 May
A secondment in Westminster: complementary to PhD or a hiatus?

Imogen Wade

14 May
Strengths and shortcomings of research methods in corruption analysis: Case study of Pavlo Lazarenko

Ondrej Timco

21 May
Discourses of hospitality between Georgia and London: Preliminary considerations from different 'hospitable settings'

Costanza Curro

 28 May
The political economy of public debate

Eva Kagan

4 June
Measuring macroeconomic uncertainty: modelling challenge

Seohyun Lee

11 June
The demand for cigarettes in Russia: a double-hurdle approach

Diana Quirmbach