UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Prague, Czech Republic


The SSEES Year Abroad

Studying abroad is a rewarding experience, which UCL SSEES students frequently refer to as 'life-changing'.

With the exception of the History, Politics and Economics BA, all undergraduate programmes (and the postgraduate IMESS programme) offer exciting, year long opportunities for students to study abroad in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. (The Year Abroad is compulsory for any student on a language based degree.) 

Additionally, Russian Studies students taking Russian for the first time complete their first year of study with a specially organised 4-week course in Kazan.

Partner Universities

SSEES students can spend their year abroad at countries from across the Central and Eastern European region. Students studying at one of our EU partner universities benefit from the European Union Erasmus scheme which offers some funding towards the year abroad costs. 

*Prospective students should be advised that current Russian Federation law requires a recent HIV-test certificate to be submitted as part of the student visa application*. Alternative arrangements can be made for study abroad if necessary.

The Year Abroad & Career Prospects

Recruiters place great value on those who have spent a year abroad, as they actively seek adaptable, flexible, courageous and ambitious graduates with a proven capacity for communication across cultural (and often) linguistic boundaries.

Research shows that the characteristics most valued by recruiters are more developed in students that have challenged themselves by spending a year abroad.

If you plan further study, a year abroad also puts you ahead, with Graduate schools at the leading universities recognising the greater academic maturity and commitment that year abroad students typically acquire.