UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Dr Yordanka Velkova

Lector in Bulgarian Language, Literature and Culture

Yordanka Velkova is a Lector in Bulgarian Language, Literature and Culture at UCL SSEES and a Lecturer at the Department of Bulgarian as a Foreign Language at Sofia University, Bulgaria. Yordanka has co-authored textbooks of Bulgarian for Foreigners since 2012 and she is a contributor to the East European Language Trails project.  Her doctoral thesis deals with the Morphonology of Verb Inflection in Petrich Dialect and her research interests are in (Morpho)Phonology, Morphology, Colloquial Speech and foreign language pedagogy.

Courses Taught

SEEB1001 Bulgarian Language Level 1 (BA)
SEEB2001 Bulgarian Language Level 2a - Comprehension (BA)
SEEB2002 Bulgarian Language Level 2b - Production (BA)
SEEB4001 Bulgarian Language Level 3A: Comprehension (BA)
SEEB4002 Bulgarian Language Level 3B: Production (BA)
SEESGE70 New Language : Bulgarian (MA)
SEESGE60 Intermediate Language: Bulgarian (MA)