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Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall…

Supervisors: Prof Andrew Wilson and Dr Pete Duncan

Email: stephen.hall.14@ucl.ac.uk

Present status: MPhil candidate

Working title of thesis: Tracing Authoritarian Learning in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine

Research: I am interested in the concept of authoritarian learning and tracing authoritarian learning amongst regimes. Current literature is associated with Russia and relies on inference to point to the possibility of learning. My research is to go further and get to grips with tracing the dialogues, meetings between people and the tactics that have been shared amongst authoritarian regimes. Through the use of process tracing I hope to be able to investigate authoritarian learning in greater detail than currently exists and to change the Russia-centric analysis, which presently occurs in the literature. By understanding and pinpointing authoritarian learning I hope to ascertain how these regimes adapt, consolidate and to show the methods that are used. This PhD falls under the very expansive discipline of political science.

Research interests: Authoritarianism, hybrid regimes, authoritarian adjectives, models of learning, soft power, diffusion, linkage and leverage, democratisation, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/Stephen235Hall.

Blog: https://russiaandthecisinsight.wordpress.com/.