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Lake Bled, Slovenia


Alexandra Bulat

Alexandra Bulat…

Supervisors: Prof Anne White and Dr Richard Mole

Email: alexandra.bulat.16@ucl.ac.uk

Present status: MPhil candidate

Working title of thesis: Attitudes towards EU migrants in the UK: the influence of nationality, ethnicity, and location

Research: ‘Uncontrolled’ EU migration to the UK was one of the top issues raised by politicians, the media and others during the EU referendum debates. However, migrant voices were rarely heard in these discussions. This is particularly relevant considering those EU nationals living in the UK will be affected by post-Brexit policies. 

My research aims to provide a more comprehensive view on how ethnic and national categories used to describe EU migrants impact debates on them, accounting for migrant responses in the discussion. The proposed project has two empirical elements: first, UK residents’ attitudes towards different types of migrants and migration, and second, EU nationals' responses to discourses circulating about them. I interview people born in the UK, Poland, and Romania, who live in two British locations: Stratford (London) and Clacton-on-Sea.

Research interests: Brexit, EU migration, social attitudes, political communication