UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Ludovica Ardente, Winner of the Esprit de Corps

2 July 2024

Ludovica Ardente, a student at SSEES, has been awarded the Esprit de Corps. Recognized for her significant contributions to student life, Ludovica excelled as the centre assistant of CNET, organizing events, and fostering student involvement.

Portrait of Ludovica Ardente

WINNER of the Esprit de Corps 

Congratulations to SSEES student, Ludovica Ardente (BA History, Politics and Economics), who has been awarded the Esprit de Corps Prize at SSEES. This award recognises finalist undergraduates who have significantly contributed to student life at the school. 

Ludovica was nominated for her contribution to the research environment at SSEES as the Centre Assistant of CNET (Centre for New Economic Transitions), contributing not only to the Centre's activities by organising events but also constantly involving students by encouraging them to attend seminars and events, and helping with the organisation and coordination of a book discussion forum. Ludovica's commended for her commitment to creating a positive, genuine, and stimulating intellectual environment within the university.