UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


SSEES colleagues win UCL Education Award

8 April 2022

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The UCL Education Awards have been announced with both team and individual recognition for members of the SSEES community.

As a team, Dr Christian Emery, Dr Aglaya Snetkov, Michael Wozniak, Robert Bodden, Alexander Allsopp and Alison Davies have won a UCL Education Award from the Joint Faculties for academic support. They will now be shortlised for a UCL Provost Education Award with results to be announced 8th June.

Nauro Ferreira Campos has also been nominated for a Student Choice Award for “brilliant research based education".

The annual Education Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of staff and students, and their contributions to UCL's learning community, through:

These awards recognise staff making outstanding contributions to the learning experience and success of our students.

Each nominee has been awarded a UCL Education Award by their Faculty and shortlisted for a UCL Provost Education Award.

Congratulations to our colleagues!