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1 January 2017

From: 10 September 2013

Loyalties, Solidarities and Identities in Russian Society, History & Culture

This collection of papers represents some of the work presented and discussed at the four workshops of the Anglo-French Russian Studies Network between 2003 and 2008.

The volume examines the nature of the 'Soviet self' through the prism of the historical perspective; the Russian empire; and the Stalinist and post-Stalinist era concluding with chapters on exile and 'Russia abroad'.

With an introduction by Geoffrey Hosking and Claudio Nun-Ingerflom, the papers suggest that more attention should be given to social bonds which did not develop directly and solely out of the needs of rulers and that these bonds profoundly affected the way those rulers operated, and above all the outcomes of their policies and decisions.

Contributions from Malte Griesse, Anna Joukovskaïa, Catriona Kelly, Katerina Levidou, Taline Ter Minassian, Alexander Morrison, Claudio Sérgio Nun-Ingerflom, Isabelle Ohayon, Gábor T. Rittersporn, Maria Rubins and Alexander Sumpf.