UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Meeting with Russian presidential candidate, Boris Titov

1 December 2017

Boris Titov

Russian presidential candidate Boris Titov spoke in Russian to SSEES staff and students on Friday 1 December. Mr Titov, President Putin’s Ombudsman for the rights of entrepreneurs, had earlier in the week declared his intention to stand for the presidency as the candidate of the Growth Party, which he leads. He told the meeting, organized by Pete Duncan, that he was standing in order to campaign for Russia to become a state in which the rule of law was respected.  Mr Titov put forward what he called a ‘neo-Keynesian’ programme for the government to invest heavily in the economy in support of business to raise living standards, recover the investment through higher taxation and create a solid middle class as the basis for further reform.

Picture courtesy of Kremlin.ru via Wikimedia Commons.