UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


SEES0107 Understanding and Analysing Data

PLEASE NOTE: This module will not be available in 2018-19 

UCL Credit Value: 15

ECTS Value: 7.5

Term 2

Module Coordinator: Dr Allan Sikk
Weekly Contact Hours: 2.5
Prerequisites: None
This module is compulsory for students on the following programmes:

Summative Assessment

2 Hours Examination (50%), 2,000 word coursework (50%) 

Formative Assessment

Home exercise completed individually or in groups, email feedback will be provided by the tutor.

Module Outline

The course introduces quantitative data analysis to Masters students with some experience in academic research but little experience with quantitative methods. The course emphasizes the methods that are most relevant for social sciences and humanities students for whom traditional courses in quantitative methods are too technical or inappropriately targeted.

An original approach to essential quantitative methods is developed, where the methods/concepts closest to qualitative approaches are first introduced to make the learning curve less steep and to highlight the usefulness of quantitative data analysis in their field of research. Special emphasis is put on data analysis in mixed methods research. Special emphasis is put on interactions between qualitative and quantiative analysis and analysing data in mixed methods research.


Stata statistical software package will be used in tutorials, complemented by Excel where appropriate. However, rather than introducing data analysis using a particular package, the course will emphasize the need to be flexible in terms of software packages used (realising different software requirements in future studies / at the workplace), the course materials will include brief parallel instructions for usingthe methods covered in other main software packages (Excel, SPSS).

Indicative Texts

Please note: This outline is accurate at the time of publication. Minor amendments may be made prior to the start of the academic year.