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Trail 7: Art and Architecture

A Hungarian-Roma painter and the metropolis

Robert Czibi, a Hungarian-Roma artist, arrived in London in the autumn of 2010.

In the following short film below he talks about the gesture with which the metropolis welcomed him: he caught sight of a fox in the middle of the night on a busy London road.

Robert also explains how moving to London shaped his creative work and identity.

The film about Robert was made by students of UCL on The Danube – Intercultural Interaction Global Citizenship summer school in June 2014.

Right:Robert Czibi: London at First Sight. Oil on canvas graffiti

Czibi: London at First Sight…

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London’s appeal to Hungarian artists is not without precedents. In the list below you can find out about other artists who left their mark on London’s urban landscape or on London’s museums and galleries.

László Moholy-Nagy, artist and teacher at the Bauchaus, and his wife, the photographer Lucia Moholy

One of Moholy-Nagy’s works is exhibited at the Tate Modern:


Forty-seven portraits by Lucia Moholy can be found at the National Portrait Gallery.

Moholy Nagy artwork…

André Kertész photographer

The Lost Cloud: André Kertész…

One of his self-portraits is exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery.

A well-known photograph of his is ’The Lost Cloud’ which he photographed in New York, after having left Hungary for Paris and Paris for America.

Read more about Kertész’s work.

John Halas (Halász László) animator

With the English artist Joy Batchelor he established Halas & Batchelor Studios in London and they created the famous animated film version of Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Trellick Tower and James Bond

The iconic, Modernist structure in North Kinsington, Trellick Tower, was designed by the very same person after whom Ian Fleming named his villain. Fleming and the Hungarian architect, Ernő Goldfinger were neighbours on Willow Road, Hampstead. The author of the James Bond thrillers had a particular dislike for Modernist architecture, which was precisely the style his neighbour, Goldfinger, chose as the design for his home...

The much debated, unique home now belongs to the National Trust and it is a member of the London Small Historic Homes.

Willow Road…

Willow Road Interior…


Magda Cordell and British Pop-Art

Philip de László and Portraiture

Magda Cordell…

Philip de Lazlo…