UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Kiev, Ukraine


Ukrainian Level 2 Lower Intermediate

Level 2 Ukrainian is for the people who have recently completed the beginners course or who already have the basic knowledge of the language and its grammar. The course aims at giving students further understanding of grammar, developing broader vocabulary and four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Topics: home, renting / letting property, hotels, unusual buildings; months, dates; telling the time; day routine; transport and travelling; weather; body parts; describing people’s look and character; attending a doctor, visiting a pharmacy; clothes and footwear, shopping; expressing opinions; interesting facts about Ukraine; Ukrainian feasts and traditions; writing emails and diary.

Skills: Understanding the main points of clear standard speech on familiar and regularly encountered matters, as well as the main points of some TV/video/audio mass media programmes and sources on familiar topics when delivery is slow and clear. Understanding simple texts containing mainly everyday language, descriptions of events, wishes and feeling in personal letters/messages. Dealing with most travel and everyday life situations, entering and keeping up conversations on familiar topics. Expressing opinions and giving reasons. Narrating a simple short story. Writing simple texts on familiar topics and personal letters/messages.

Grammar: Nouns, pronouns and adjective cases use, cardinal and ordinal numbers,  prepositions and the cases they take, comparative of adjectives and adverbs, superlative, verb aspect and forms of the past, present and future tense, verbs of motion (prefixed and non-prefixed).

Study Materials

Course materials: Burak M. Yabluko: Elementary Ukrainian. – Lviv: Publishing House of Ukrainian Catholic University.

ISBN 978-966-2778-37-3