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Getting a job in the Balkans: Formal/ Informal Way?


One in three respondents in our survey believes that an employement through entering political party or political suport, or through relevant informal connection occurs all of the time. Is it the same for the formal education and experience? Find out in our latest infograph!

Infographic: Tolerance in Balkans 


How do people in six Western Balkan countries assess abortions, divorce and homosexuality? Does the level of acceptance differ among individuals with different education, religion or age? 

Infographic: Loans and Savings in Balkans


Are individuals in Balkans indebted? How many are leavings some money aside for savings and how much do they save?

Infographic: Democratic Governance 


Do Balkans have an appeal for a strong leadership? What is the trust level in democracy and how political conflicts should be resolved?

Infographic: State Institutions and Favors in Balkans


Do you have to bring a gift in order to get a job in state/public sector or enterprises? And what about paying money for such a favor?

Infographic: Doing Business in Balkans


What do entrepreneurs think of their business activities in Balkans? How many of them have formally registered their business and how do they navigate between formal and informal economies? Take a look at our infographic!

Infographic: Attitudes Towards the EU in Balkans 


Does the implementation of the EU-based legislation have an effect on everyday life in Balkans? What does the European Union mean to citizens of Balkan countries?

Infographic: Customs and Laws in Balkans


What's more important - formal laws or informal customs? We have traced the attitudes in Balkans on the topic.

Infographic: Tax Morale in Balkans


63% of respondents in our survey consider avoiding taxes as immoral. There are occupational and regional differences, though.

Infographic: Trust in Balkans


Our survey carried out in six Balkan countries show interesting patterns regards the trust.

Conference Declaration 2017


On 16-18 November, INFORM project researchers, experts and high-level policy-makers gathered in Bled, Slovenia for a joint conference. During the event, the participants approved a Conference Declaration that calls for new directions in Western Balkan and EU policy-makers’ attitudes toward informality.