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We are currently working on an application for an Athena Swan bronze award.

More information about college-wide gender equality policies can be found here. This page includes details about female role models; parental leave and other leave; pregnancy; gender equality network; male allies and parents and carers networks.

If you would like to report an instance of bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct, you can do so via UCL Report + Support

Jade Ygouf and Priya Jain are the UCL Student Union Women's Officers. 

Harassment and Bullying

If you would like to report any instances of bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct, you can do so via UCL Report + Support

Liberation Networks

Liberation Networks represent an opportunity for students to challenge and campaign against discrimination, oppression and inequality faced by themselves or others and work to defend and extend their rights. They aim to ensure that UCL’s actions do not unfairly exclude, neglect or discriminate against any section of the student body, and also encourage extra curricular activities to promote community and cooperation amongst students. Here is an excellent video from the National Union of Students explaining what liberation campaigns are and why they are important.

Staff Equalities Networks

UCL’s staff equalities networks are open to all staff. They are places where people with shared identities and backgrounds can connect with colleagues and make positive change across the university. Content on this page is created by individual networks and any views expressed are those of the groups rather than the university as a whole. This content is agreed by consensus by the steering groups of each network and others may hold different views

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