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The aim of the FRINGE Series is to integrate elusive subjects (‘fringe’) within the the discipline of Area Studies into existing research agendas (centre). Our belief is that reconceptualising the fringe-centre relationship can contribute to breaking down the implicit dichotomy these terms currently represent. ‘Problematising the fringe-centre relationship’ in this context means seeking insight into the complexity of particular contexts, on the one hand, and mastery of discipline-based analysis, on the other. Learn more

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Remains of the Soviet Past in Estonia by Francisco Martínez

Francisco Martinez brings together a number of sites of interest to explore the vanquishing of the Soviet legacy in Estonia. By exploring these places of cultural and historical significance, which all contribute to our understanding of how the new generation in Estonia is not following the expectations and values of its predecessor, the book also demonstrates how we can understand generational change in a material sense.
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 Global Encyclopaedia of Informality Book Image

The Global Encyclopaedia of Informality Vol. 1 

Alena Ledeneva invites you on a voyage of discovery, to explore society’s open secrets, unwritten rules and know-how practices. Broadly defined as ‘ways of getting things done’, these invisible yet powerful informal practices tend to escape articulation in official discourse. 
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GEI Vol. 2 book cover

The Global Encyclopaedia of Informality Vol. 2

Expertly practised by insiders but often hidden from outsiders, informal practices are, as this book shows, deeply rooted all over the world, yet underestimated in policy. Entries from the five continents presented in this volume are samples of the truly global and ever-growing collection, made possible by a remarkable collaboration of over 200 scholars across disciplines and area studies.
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Upcoming publications (2018/2019)

The (City) Centre Cannot Hold?

This volume will explore the aesthetics, politics, economics and affects of urban centrality and monumentality, from their 20th century golden age to their contemporary inheritances, afterlives, ruins and appropriations.
Jonathan Bach and Michal Murawski (Editors)

Socialism, Capitalism, and the Alternatives. 

There is increasing consensus about the problematic features of capitalism, but there is far less clarity about possible solutions. Articulating coherent alternatives to the entrenched conceptual categories of socialism and capitalism remains stubbornly difficult. This volume will explore how an analysis of political trajectories of post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe and Russia may contribute to confronting this challenge to the global imagination.
Peter J.S. Duncan and Elisabeth Schimpfossl (Editors) 

Comparative Approaches To Informal Housing Around The Globe

This volume will study ambivalence (for instance, illegal housing as undermining and stabilising shortage economies at the same time); address complexity (five configurations of squatting, processes of criminalization and legalisation); and promote interdisciplinary by working with sociologists, historians, political scientists, anthropologists, jurists. 
Udo Grashoff (Editor)