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The aim of the FRINGE Series is to integrate elusive subjects (‘fringe’) within the the discipline of Area Studies into existing research agendas (centre). Our belief is that reconceptualising the fringe-centre relationship can contribute to breaking down the implicit dichotomy these terms currently represent. ‘Problematising the fringe-centre relationship’ in this context means seeking insight into the complexity of particular contexts, on the one hand, and mastery of discipline-based analysis, on the other.

Latest News 

Global Encyclopedia of Informality Book Cover Page

January will mark the release of the first volumes in the FRINGE Series (UCL Press); Alena Ledeneva, ed., The Global Encyclopaedia of Informality, vols. 1 and 2. A book launch will be held at the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies on 22 March 2018.

Broadly defined as "ways of getting things done," the invisible yet powerful concepts of "informal practices" tend to escape articulation in official discourse. These practices include emotion-driven exchanges of gifts or favours and tributes for services, interest-driven know-how (from informal welfare to informal employment), identity-driven practices of solidarity, and power-driven forms of co-optation and control. Yet, the possible paradox of the indiscernibility of these informal practices is their ubiquity. Alena Ledeneva's wholly unique two-volume work collaborates with over two hundred scholars across five continents, illustrating how informal practices are deeply embedded across the globe yet still remain underestimated in policy-making procedures.


Editorial board 

Tomas Cvrcek…

Alena Ledeneva…

Eric Gordy…


Tomas Cvrcek
Lecturer in Economics
SSEES, University College London
Alena Ledeneva
Professor of Politics and Society
SSEES, University College London
Eric Gordy
Senior Lecturer in Southeast European Politics
SSEES, University College London
Maria Rubins
Senior Lecturer in Russian Literature
SSEES, University College London
Peter Zusi
Lecturer in Czech with Slovak Literature
SSEES, University College London


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The FRINGE Series is published by UCL Press. Proposals, particularly for edited volumes are considered by the FRINGE editorial board throughout the year. To get a better idea of what is unique about the books published under this series, please read our 'FRINGEing up document'.