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The FRINGE Series is published by UCL Press

The aim of the FRINGE Series is to integrate elusive subjects (‘fringe’) within the the discipline of Area Studies into existing research agendas (centre). Our belief is that reconceptualising the fringe-centre relationship can contribute to breaking down the implicit dichotomy these terms currently represent. ‘Problematising the fringe-centre relationship’ in this context means seeking insight into the complexity of particular contexts, on the one hand, and mastery of discipline-based analysis, on the other.

Editorial board 

Tomas Cvrcek…

Tomas Cvrcek
Lecturer in Economics
SSEES, University College London


Alena Ledeneva…

Alena Ledeneva
Professor of Politics and Society
SSEES, University College London


Eric Gordy…

Eric Gordy
Senior Lecturer in Southeast European Politics
SSEES, University College London


Maria Rubins
Senior Lecturer in Russian Literature
SSEES, University College London

 Peter Zusi
Lecturer in Czech with Slovak Literature
SSEES, University College London


The FRINGE Series is published by UCL Press

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