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The FRINGE Centre is an initiative founded by UCL’s School of Slavic and East European Studies (SSEES), which works within the IAS framework to pursue area studies without borders.

UCL's Centre for the Study of Social and Cultural Complexity

The FRINGE Centre explores the roles that complexity, ambivalence and immeasurability play in social and cultural phenomena. A cross-disciplinary initiative bringing together scholars from the humanities and social sciences, FRINGE examines how seemingly opposed notions such as centrality and marginality, and clarity and ambiguity, can shift and converge when embedded in everyday practices. Our interest lies in the hidden complexity of all embedded practices, taken-for-granted and otherwise invisible subjects. Illuminating the 'fringe' thus puts the 'centre' in a new light.

Introducing FRINGE (Video) 

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Project Update
The Global Informality Project, led by Prof. Alena Ledenva,  has just launced its new website, The Global Informality Encyclopaedia of Informality.  It provides the first multimedia online resource that explores informal practices and structures from a global perspective.
Director Peter Zusi
FRINGE Director, Dr. Peter Zusi (University College London) discusses his vision for FRINGE for the academic year 2017/2018. Read interview
Events programme 
We are delighted to announce our 2017/2018 program of FRINGE events and FRINGE supported events. View all events now.