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Fiona test - What our students say

Hear from some of our students about their experience of studying at SSEES.



Emily Couch



Student Story
Anton Volkov - Economics & Business with East European Studies BA, 2015-18
I did the Economics & Business with East European Studies BA (graduated 2018), and what I really loved about it is the flexibility it afforded me in terms of the modules and the direction I wanted to take my studies. 

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Student Story

I found out that UCL SSEES offered the most fascinating MA programme: Russian Studies and I knew this was what I wanted to do. I did and I've graduated this year in July.  I loved my modules! Every single one was thought-provoking and inspiring, also thanks to the amazing tutors.

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Student Alumni
Vismantė Dailidėnaitė- Political Analysis (Russia and Eastern Europe) 2017 - 18
Being a guileless girl from the Baltics, I could have never imagined that I would spend time studying in one of the world’s leading universities – it was like an episode from Cinderella’s tale. I happened to do Masters in Political Analysis (Russia and Eastern Europe) at UCL SSEES just last year.

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IMESS Politics and Security Alumni Leah Nodvin
Leah Nodvin - IMESS Politics and Security 2014-16
Studying at SSEES provided a program to hone my methodological research skills and deepen my understanding of the political and security concerns in Eastern Europe. Later, while studying in Moscow, I was able to put my regional knowledge into practice as well as further develop my language skills.

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IMESS Politics and Security Alumni Martha Otwinowski
Martha Otwinowski - IMESS Politics and Security 2012-14
The programme allowed me to grow academically as well as personally. I was able to develop my research interests through both years of IMESS, and my Masters thesis on media narratives on crisis events – Polish press coverage of the early days of the Ukraine crisis – has opened doors for me.

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IMESS Economics and Business Alumni Tian Jie (Angie) Gwee
Tian Jie (Angie) Gwee  - IMESS Economics & Business 2014-16
The opportunity of learning another language allows me to view the world with different perspective. During second year in Prague, because I have background in corporate governance, I secured an internship in Financial Crime area after my thesis presentation.

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IMESS Economics and Business Alumni Conrad Scheibe
Conrad Scheibe  - IMESS Economics & Business 2014-16
IMESS helped me deepen my skills in topics related to Economics & Business, not only through its excellent classes and seminars but also through the many extra-curricular opportunities UCL offers.  Perhaps even more important for me was the possibility to study and live in an international environment with interesting people from all over the world.

Management Consultant at Capgemini Consulting, Berlin

IMESS Economics and Business Alumni Liubov Borisova
Liubov Borisova - IMESS Economics & Business 2007-09
IMESS was the first step for me on the way to becoming a researcher. I have never contemplated becoming an academic before I started IMESS. The research environment, paired with great facilities and expertise influenced my choice greatly.

Post doctorate Researcher, Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Sweden

IMESS Economics and Business Alumni Mikhail Gorodilov
Mikhail Gorodilov - IMESS Economics & Business 2014-16
That was a truly global experience which helped me to build a deep understanding of how the world and society really worked. Additionally, I have enhanced my organizational and communicational skills. Plus I want also to say that this 2-years programme helped me to get rid of all the illusions regarding the outside world I had.

Financial advisor in BCS investment bank, Tomsk, Russia

Economics and Business with East European Studies BA Alumni Milan Cebak
Milan Cebak - Economics and Business with East European Studies BA
The main reason I chose UCL was its academic reputation. Therefore, I was curious before coming here whether it would live up to my expectations. After two years of reading Economics and Business at SSEES, I can most certainly say that it surely has.  I can always rely on help from my professors as well as my fellow students. The fact that EBEES is not a large degree in terms of students allowed me to get to know my classmates very well which has made my time at UCL much more enjoyable.
SSEES PhD Peter Braga
Peter BragaCurrent PhD at SSEES
My research investigates how regimes in East Europe use links with China to remain in power. Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are increasing their interaction with China – one conspicuous example being participation in China’s Silk Road Development Project. Russia, Belarus and Ukraine all hope to develop transit hubs and serve as Europe’s gateways for goods travelling to and from China.
IMESS Politics and Security Alumni Vilhelmiina Vekkeli
Vilhelmiina Vekkeli - IMESS Politics and Security 2012-14
For the two years we spent together, our group of students and professors felt like a family, and it was a joy to experience the East European cultures and learn together. We have found employment in many different fields from NGOs to finance, and political risk consulting to journalism. Professionally IMESS gave me the subject field knowledge needed in my career, as well as general knowledge on many disciplines from statistics to international relations.

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SSEES Romanian and East European Studies BA Student - Shaun Foley
Shaun Foley - Current Romanian and East European Studies BA Student
My experience in learning both Romanian and Bulgarian has been very similar – fantastic support and encouragement, modern and innovative learning environment, teaching adapted to my needs and interests and perhaps most importantly I have always felt able to approach my teachers with any issues and they have been very supportive in nurturing not only my skills in language and learning but also in supporting my personal development and providing pastoral support and advice.

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SSEES Politics and East European Studies BA Student - George Hajipavli
George Hajipavli - CURRENT Politics and East European Studies BA Student
Being part of an area-studies departments gives you an amazing benefit. It means that by the time you graduate you will have practically mastered a region of the world and not just a theoretical framework. When thinking about EU enlargement, the internal East-West tensions in the Union, and the increasing debate about Cold War III, the East Europe region appears to be of fundamental importance.

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SSEES Politics and East European Studies BA Student - Alexander H Stephenson
Alexander Stephenson - CURRENT Politics and East European Studies BA Student
The politics focus of the degree really is great and, generally, covers what you would find in any politics degree. You cover everything from Political Science to Political Philosophy to International Relations, often with academics from the Public Policy department. Essentially, you get all of the benefits of a normal politics degree with added employability, world class teaching and an insight into a really interesting, developing region.

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Weixun Hu - IMESS Economics & Business 2015-17
The IMESS programme has offered great academic support, well-designed curriculum along with easy access to endless prestigious lectures and professional networking events at the heart of London, which has prepared me with exceptional research calibre and adept professional skillset to strike a new height in my future career.

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