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Exploring technology upgrading in emerging and transition economies

26 June 2017–27 June 2017, 9:00 am–5:00 pm

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Exploring technology upgrading in emerging and transition economies: From 'Shifting Wealth I' to 'Shifting Wealth II'

Second annual conference of the UCL Centre for Comparative Studies of the Emerging Economies at UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies.

The conference will explore the process of ‘shifting wealth’ or the increasing economic weight of emerging and transition economies in the world economy.

The initial opening of China and India coupled with the opening of the former socialist countries in the 1990s led to the integration of 40% of the global labour force into the world economy, with large scale effects in terms of market integration, catching up and income distribution (shifting wealth I). But today, there is some uncertainty regarding whether this process will continue, ie whether emerging and transition economies will continue their technological upgrade and move from efficiency to innovation driven growth. Whether we will observe ‘Shifting Wealth II’ will ultimately depend on whether productivity growth of emerging and transition economies will be associated with further technology upgrading.

The second annual conference of the UCL Centre for Comparative Study of the Emerging Economies aims to explore the issue of shifting wealth through the perspective of technology upgrading which is defined as increasing productivity based on the improved technology capabilities.

Tickets are £55  and are available for purchase through the UCL store (www.ucl.ac.uk/event-ticketing/booking?ev=16173) . They include entry to both days of the conference and a Conference dinner on the Monday night.

Conference Programme:

09.00-09.40Registration (Masaryk Room)

Welcome (347)

Elodie Douarin (Director of UCL Centre for Comparative Study of the Emerging Economies)


Introduction (347)

Slavo Radosevic


Invited Speakers Session (347)

Professor Mariana Mazzucato (UCL) - Mission Oriented Innovation: an opportunity for structural change and de-financialisation.
Professor Keun Lee (Seoul National University) - From Global Value Chains to Innovation Systems for Local Value Creation
Professor Maria Savon (University of Sussex) - When Linder Meets Hirschman. Backward Linkages and GVCs in Business Services
Raphael Kaplinsky (University of Sussex) - Achieving Sustainable Income Growth? Not Whether, but How to Participate in Global Value Chains?

Panellist: Annalisa Primi (OECD)

Chair: Elodie Douarin

11.45-12.15Coffee Break (Masaryk Room)

Invited Speakers Panel Session (347)

Opportunities and limits of catching up via GVC: debating Baldwin hypothesis

Chair: Slavo Radosevic

13.00-14.00Lunch (Masaryk Room)

Parallel Session 1 

Technology Upgrading, Trade and GVC (431)

Stefan Bernat and Solmaz Filiz Karabag - The Role of Monitoring and Learning on Capability Upgrading: Cases of Two Brazilian Multinational Firms

Elena Rogova, Elena Tkachenko and Alina Osipenko - Technology Transfer and Technology Audit in Russia

Monika Petraite, Rimantas Rauleckas, Vytaute Dlugoborskyte and Max von Zedtwitz - The Mediating Role of International Networks in the Upgrading of Domestic Innovation Systems: the Case of Lithuania

Discussant: Maria Savona

Chair: Juta Guenter

Metrics of Technology Upgrading (432)

Marion Frenz and Grazia Ietto-Gillies - Developing Indicators of Absorptive Capacity

Esin Yoruk - Changing Patterns of Technology Intensity and Advancing to Higher Income Levels

Darja Podmetina - Shifting Towards Collaborative Innovation in CEE Countries: Measurement of Innovation Openess, Organisational Capabiities and Performance Change

Discussant: Julia Korosteleva

Chair: Andrea Szalavetz

Policies and Conditions for Technology Upgrading (433)

Byeongwoo Kang, Yukihito Sato, and Yasushi Ueki - Mobility of Highly Skilled Retirees from Japan to Korea and Taiwan

Vanessa Casadella and Zeting Liu - Innovation Policy for Development: the Case of Senegal

Jeff Readman - Legacy Standards and Innovation:The Kyrgyz Construction Materials Value Chain

Discussant: Jae –Yong Choung

Chair: Alex Vera Cruz

15.30-16.00Coffee Break (Masaryk Room)

Parallel Session 2

Technology Upgrading, Trade and GVC (431)

Maciej Grodzicki - Between creation and extraction of value: international price differences and upgrading in global value chains

Riccardo Crescenzi and Alexander Jaax - Multinational Enterprises and the Geography of Innovation

Alicia Rodríguez, María Jesús Nieto and Virginia Hernández - The Role of International and Domestic External Knowledge in Innovation of Firms from Transition Economies

Sandrine Kergroach - National Innovation Policies for Technology Upgrading through GVCs: A Cross-Country Comparison. 

Discussant: Randolph Bruno

Chair: Monika Petraite

NIS and Technology Upgrading (432)

Bruno Brandão Fischer Paola Rücker Schaeffer and Nicholas S. Vonortas - Backbones of the Knowledge Economy? Universities and the Dynamics of Technology Upgrading in a Developing Country

Jurgita Staniulyte and Effie Kesidou - The role of Institutional Entrepreneurship in transforming the National Innovation System of Transition Economy: the case study of Lithuania

Zeting Liu -The Chinese system of eco-innovation: structures, actors, performance

Discussant: Rajah Rasiah

Chair: Will McDowal

Policies and Conditions for Technology Upgrading (433)

Jolita Čeičytė, Rimantas Rauleckas, Vincent Blok, and Monika Petraitė- Societal Challenges Oriented Innovation:  The Mediating Role of Responsible Innovation Practices in Stakeholders’  Integration

Keston K. Perry - Networks of power, technology development and short-lived successes in a small developing country

Sorin M.S. Krammer -Science, Technology, and Innovation for Economic Competitiveness: The Role of Smart Specialization in Less-Developed Countries


Discussant: Gabriela Dutrenit

Chair: Balazs Szent-Ivanyi

19.00Conference Dinner

Parallel Session 3

Sector Level Technology Upgrading (431)

Emanuela Todeva and Donka Keskinova - Biopharma Global Value Chain, and Impediments to Upgrade and Participation of Emerging Economies: The Case of Bulgaria'

Lorena Lombardozzi - The Uzbek horticulture value chain: Challenges and opportunities of upgrading in a transition economy

Lili Wang, Fang Chen and Mark Knell - Choosing the right path in technology upgrading – Evidence from biotechnology

Discussant: Riccardo Crescenzi

Chair: Chiara Amini

NIS and Technology Upgrading (432)

Nebojsa Stojcic and Zoran Aralica - Regional Patterns of Deindustrialization and Prospects for Reindustrialization in South and Central East European Countries

Halima Jibril, Annina Kaltenbrunner, and Effie Kesidou - Financialisation and Investments on Intangible Assets in Emerging Economies:Evidence from Brazil

Justin Yifu Lin and Xuemin Tang - Development Strategy, Trade Structure and Income Inequality - From the Aspect of New Structural Economics

Discussant: Julia Korosteleva

Chair: Eugene Nivorozkhin

Firm Level Technology Upgrading and its Determinants (433)

Ksenia Gonchar and Philipp Marek - Are technological innovations sufficiently rewarded?

Bozic Ljiljana and Valeria Botric - Comparison of Innovation Investment Decisions in Post-Transition and Developed Economies

Liis Roosaar, Jaan Masso and Urmas Varblane - Labour Productivity of Worker Flows in Estonian Companies during 2006-2014, Decomposed by Age and Wage


Discussant: Andrea Mervar

Chair: Suma Athreye

11.30-12.00Coffee Break (Masaryk Room)

Parallel Session 4

Sector Level Technology Upgrading (431)

Gang Liu and Shuanping Dai - Emergence of New Products and Agile Innovation in Emerging Economy: Evidences from Low-speed Electric Vehicle Industry in Shandong Province, China

Yegorov Igor and Gryga Vitaly  - Ukrainian aerospace industry: its potential and perspectives

Marat Myrzakhmet - How Resource-Based Economies are trying to Change their Policy on Renewable Power

Discussant: Silvia Dalbianco

Chair: Elena Rogova

Policies and Conditions for Technology Upgrading (432)

Edvard Orlic,  Dragana Radicic and  Merima Balavac - R&D and innovation policy in the Balkans: are there additionality effects?

Fadil Sahiti - Kosovo and the social conditions of innovative enterprise

Yuri Ichkitidze - Current trends of Russia’s innovative development: why certain policy tools are so incompatible

Discussant: Rainer Kattell

Chair: Ksenia Gonchar

Firm Level Technology Upgrading and its Determinants (433)

Deniz E. Yoruk - Dynamics of firm-level upgrading and the role of learning in networks

Andrea Salavetz - Industry 4.0 and capability development in factory economies

Xinmin Peng, Suli Zheng,  Simon Collinson and  Xiaobo Wu - Ambidextrous Learning and Technological Capability Upgrading in Emerging Economies: Longitude Case Study from China

Discussant: Hye Ran

Chair: Nikos Vonortas

13.30-14.30Lunch (Masaryk Room)

Invited Speakers Session (347)

Suma Athreye (Essex University) - Trends, Causes, and Implications of the Globalization of Science and Technology
Rajah Rasiah (University of Malaya) - Catching Up and Leapfrogging: How East Asia is Driving Technological Upgrading in the Integrated Circuits Industry
G. Dutrénit, J.M. Natera, M. Puchet and A.O. Vera-Cruz - Accumulation of technological capabilities and development profiles: implications for STI policy in Latin America
Paulo N Figueiredo and Marcela Cohen - Early entry into path-creation catch-up in the forestry and pulp industry: The role of windows of opportunity and technological learning of firms with other components of the sectoral innovation system
Chair: Randolph Bruno

16.30-16.45Coffee Break (Masaryk Room)

Invited Speakers Session (CONT.) (347)

Jae –Yong Choung (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) - Technological capabilities and non-technological capabilities co-evolution:Transition to industrial leadership in nuclear industry


Invited Speakers Panel Session (347)

Is there global shift II: comparative perspectives?

Chair: Slavo Radosevic


Closing Remarks (347)

Elodie Douarin


Local Organising Committee


Slavo Radosevic

Elodie Douarin

Randolph Bruno

Julia Korosteleva

Silvia dal Bianco

For further information contact: s.radosevic@ucl.ac.uk


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