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Zhuxin Mao - IMESS Economics and Business

2 January 2018

IMESS Economics and Business Alumni Zhuxin Mao

Zhuxin Mao - IMESS Economics and Business 2014-16 

I cannot be more grateful to the 2-year experience with IMESS. I love my first year in UCL, where I could pick the courses I was really interested in and developed my academic research abilities. The teaching methods here in the UK is totally different from that in my country, but that was all wonderful for me to experience. The first year was a bit intensive involving a lot of presentations preparing and essays writing. Lecturers were all very responsible and helpful, while my classmates were all excellent that I could always learn from.

I also enjoyed my time in Moscow. The second year enabled me to explore in another country and I was really impressed by the culture in Russia as well. I was lucky to have a very supportive supervisor who advised and helped me to complete my master's thesis.

I successfully received my PhD offer when I was in Moscow with the help from both UCL and HSE staffs and lecturers. The cultural diversity I experienced and the academic skills I gained with IMESS certainly make me feel more confident in my current and future academic career as I always believe.

Current Occupation: PhD student in Health Economics at the University of Leeds