UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Bulgarian and East European Studies BA Structure

Compulsory and Elective Modules for the Bulgarian and East European Studies BA. All students must take 120 credits in each year of study.

Year One

Compulsory Courses

30 credits in Language:

SEEB0001 -Bulgarian Language Level (30 credits) OR

SEEB0005/SEEB0007 -Bulgarian Language Level 2a: Comprehension (15 credits) and Language Level 2b: Production (15 credits)

30 credits from:

SEEE0013 - Literature and Memory (15 credits)

SEEE0009 - War, Trauma and Memory in East European Cinema (15 credits)

60 credits from optional courses in SSEES or other UCL departments. 
Options might include: 

SEEE0004 - Vampires, Society and Culture: Transylvania and Beyond (ELCS)

SEEE0007 - Languages in Contact along the Danube: Intercultural Frictions and Flows (ELCS)

SEEE0002 - How Words Work: Sounds and Sense

SEEE0003 - How Words Work: Meaning and Modularity

SEEE0005 - Narratives of Exile

SEEE0006 - Tales of the unexpected: the supernatural and fantastic in literature, 1800-1930

SEEE0008 - Stories of Change, Formal Experiments and New Waves* (ELCS)

SEHI0003 - Frontiers of History

SESS0016 - Understanding Politics: The Big Questions in Contemporary Europe

SESS0017 - Understanding Politics II: How Politics Works

SESS0013 - Understanding Society: Introduction to Social Theory

SESS0014 - Understanding Society: Introduction to Political Sociology

SESS0015 - Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

Any course beginning ELCS

Year Two

Compulsory Courses

30 credits of Language:


SEEB0005/SEEB0007 -Bulgarian Language Level 2a: Comprehension  and Language Level 2b: Production  OR

SEEB0010/SSEB0012 -Bulgarian Language Level 3a - Comprehension and Bulgarian Language Level 3b - Production

30 credits compulsory culture courses:

SEEE0020 - Writing from the Other Europe

SEEB0009 - Introduction to Bulgarian Literature and Culture

Options (60 credits):

60 credits from available optional courses in SSEES or other UCL departments

Year Three (Abroad)

Students will be required to study at an overseas institution, taking 4 course units. Further details are contained in the Year Abroad Handbook.

Year Four

Compulsory Courses


SEEB0010/SSEB0012 -Bulgarian Language Level 3a - Comprehension  and Bulgarian Language Level 3b - Production  OR

SEZZ4901 Free Standing Dissertation (30 credits)

30 credits compulsory module:

SEEB0009 - Bulgarian Literature

Options:60 credits from available optional courses in SSEES or other UCL departments