ANTICORRP Project: Training and Development

  • Transparency International 'Ambient Accountability' Workshop Berlin 17-18 February 2013
  • "Anti-corruption theory and practice: corrupted systems, double standards and informal administration" NIS lecture in Belgrade 2 April 2013
  • Carte Blanche seminar at the Swiss Embassy, Moscow
  • Roundtable: "Taboos on Corruption" at King's Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Doctoral Training Centre (KISS-DTC) 14 June 2013
  • EIPA Leaning and Development seminar: "EU-Russia Relations: mutual challenges, risks and opportunities" European External Action Service (EEAS), Brussels 20-21 June 2013
  • "Corruption, Anti-Corruption, Public Service and the Future of the State" at Goodenough College, John Smith Memorial Trust Fellowship Programme for the Former Soviet Union countries 24 June 2013

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