Student and Registry Services


Phase 3 scope

Phase 3 is intended to build on the improvements made during Phase 2 with a particular focus on process improvement.

The following areas are within the scope of Phase 3 of the project, which will run in the 2018-2019 academic year;

Phase 3 Enhancement Areas
Enhancement AreasBenefits
Online Examination Information ExerciseEnhanced data verification process for staff.
New Mark Schemes, Programme Codes & Award CodesApplication of the regulations in Portico to enable the system to calculate the correct results.
Exam Boards at the Touch of a ButtonImplementation of the correct programme rules in Portico to enable the system to calculate accurate outcomes saving staff time in the run-up to Boards.

Provision of a suite of Exam Board Reports that use real-time data from Portico.

Online approval process for more efficient post-board processing to reduce burden on departments.

Increased accuracy of outcomes and faster release of results to students.
UCL Module Catalogue

Provision of information on all modules in one place to make browsing easier for current and prospective students.

Better use of data and staff time by utilising a single source of module information in multiple places.

A single technical solution to ensure module information is consistent and simple to maintain.

Further Improvements to Module Registration

Enhanced module approval process to provide departments with greater oversight of student selections

Improved module rejection notifications to enhance the student experience.

Link to UCL Module Catalogue to assist students with module selection.