Student and Registry Services


Phase 2 accomplishments

Phase 1 of the project focused on scoping and analysis, and was completed in August 2017. Phase 2 was completed in August 2018 and included over 100 consultations, training, and briefing sessions.

Thanks to the engagement of staff throughout the university, three data collection activities were completed in this phase, vastly improving the programme, module and assessment data available.

16,000 Modules Reviewed

40% of the 16,000 modules reviewed were found to be redundant and have been taken out of use, greatly streamlining the module selection process for students.

Automated Module Selection

For the 11,750 students with set modules in their programme of study, the requirement to log in and complete the module selection process was removed entirely.

Faster Results, Certificates and Transcripts

UCL had it’s first ever ‘Results Day’! Where 30,000 Taught students received their results on a single day in a single, accessible and usable format.

Faster Certificate and Transcript production have virtually eliminated student complaints about non-delivery.


Phase 2 Enhancement Areas
Enhancement AreasBenefits
Data Collections:
  • Programme Summaries
  • Module Confirmation
  • Academic Review

Up-to-date, accurate and precisely defined curriculum data in Portico.

Foundation for process improvements around key points of interaction.

Enabler for future Prospectus process improvements.
Implementation of New Module Structure & Coding Convention

Using Portico as intended.

Reduction of in-use modules from 14,600 to 8,600.

Inclusion of teaching periods to help students choose a balanced selection of modules across the year.

Enabler for a UCL Module Catalogue – a high priority item for both students and staff.
Conversion of Undergraduate Course Units to Credits

Introduction of a consistent credit framework across UCL.

Alignment with the majority of UK universities.
Enhancement of Programme Diets

Built from up-to-date Programme Summaries data.

More accurately defined optional & elective groups to assist appropriate student choices.

Inclusion of pre-/co-requisites to prevent selection of unsuitable modules.
Improvements to Module Registration

Better student access to Module Registration screens.

Structured approach to ensure student selections are ‘right first time’, reducing the number of rejections.

Removal of module registration requirement for students with all compulsory modules.

Pre-generation of optional & elective module lists for faster response times.
Enhancement of Fee Calculations

Automation of fee exceptions for specific modes of attendance.

Automation of module exclusions for modular/flexible students.

Invoicing for the appropriate fees without manual intervention by staff.
Improvements to Progression and Release of Results

Incorporation of progression regulations into Portico.

Introduction of second progression point for Late Summer Assessments.

Earlier release of results to all students.
Impact Assessment on UCL Systems that use Portico DataEnable staff to conduct usual business processes on UCL systems after implementation of Portico data changes.