Student and Registry Services


Access to Portico

Students and staff can find out more about gaining access to Portico, including research student management, IRIS access, engagement monitoring, entering module marks and accessing the SITS client.


Students must have completed registration and be in possession of a UCL userid and password to access their Portico account. Full access to the My Studies page will also not be available until the New Student Questionnaire has been completed.

UCL Staff

Access changes can be made by Heads of Departments or their nominated deputies either by using the Amend for your staff option on their My Portico page or by filling out a Portico Access Request Form. You can find a list of those who can request access for you by clicking View your Portico access level in the Portico Access container on the My Portico page. On the next page you will see a summary of your current access. Please select “Head of Department or their nominated deputy” in the text at the top of the page.

Most changes will take effect straight away but Fund Management and Examinations Liaison Officer requests will need to be approved by the Finance and Examinations teams respectively. When you make the request, Portico will receive an automatic notification and seek approval on your behalf.

UCLSelect (processing applications) – To access UCLSelect a user must have a minimal of Level 1 access for at least one of the roles. If UCL Select does not appear as an option on your Portico homepage or in the additional list of applications behind the “+” symbol, please fill out a Portico Access Request Form to arrange this access. To ensure that you have the necessary programme-level access, please complete the UCLSelect Programme – Level Access Request form. Once completed this form will automatically be sent to the to Senior Admissions Officer who oversees your programme. They will let you know when the access request has been procesed.  

C2RS (processing change to registration status requests) – To give staff access to C2RS, go to the C2RS tab in Portico, click ‘search for a user’, enter the staff’s UPI and then set the required access levels. 

Exam Board Processes – Instructions on how Board Administrators and Examination Liaison Officers can grant access to Exam Board Tasks can be found here 

Research Student Management

If you do not see the relevant staff members listed as supervisors in the research management task, they need to be setup by your faculty in the MyHR ‘User Management’ section.  Please contact your Departmental Graduate Tutor or Faculty Graduate Tutor as appropriate. 

IRIS (Institutional Research Information System)

Enrolled students are displayed on Iris only if they are down as having you as their supervisor with the core student records system. Departmental administrators should be able to make these arrangements using the Research Student Management options. 
Please note, IRIS will only display students who are currently enrolled. So any students who have left or are interrupting will not appear under your profile, even if you are shown as being their supervisor on Portico. 

Engagement Monitoring (Post Graduate Students Only) 

This task currently sits outside the main Portico access model, so access needs to be granted separately. Please ask your Head of Department or one of their nominated deputies to email itservices@ucl.ac.uk to request access for you. 

Module marks

To enter module marks, you must:

  • have access levels of 2 or 3 for Awards and Progress
  • be listed as a module tutor
  • or have a Portico marker record

Marker records can be created by the department's Examination Liaison Officer (ELO).

Access to SITS Client

If you work in Student and Registry Services, Finance or a Faculty Admissions Office you may need to have access to the SITS Client application. Please contact your line manager in the first instance to arrange this.