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2024/2025 Assessment Dates and Deadlines

17 June 2024

Provisional timeline for 24/25 assessment dates now available

The 2024/25 assessment timeline is now available – please note these dates are subject to change and will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Due to a late Easter in 2025, a later end to term 3, but a standard start of session for 25/26 we have a very compressed assessment, marking and exam board period between April and July. Some timelines have, therefore, been shortened. Please note, marking for assessments (where possible) can begin as soon as submissions are available and we encourage marks to be entered on Portico at the earliest opportunity, to alleviate pressure on the marking period for centrally organised exams in April and May.

24/25 Assessment Timeline



Main Central Assessment Period starts 

Monday 28 April 2025

Main Central Assessment Period ends  

Friday 30 May 2025

Main marking and second-marking period deadline

  • Note: colleagues may begin marking earlier than the dates shown 
  • Marking Period for Centrally Managed Assessments on AssessmentUCL will open 24 hours after the end of the exam/assessment. 

Thursday 12 June 2025


Exchange of marks deadline 

  • UG and PGT deferrals and fails must be entered at this point to be included in the LSA exam timetable and to ensure registration on exam instance/s on AssessmentUCL 

Monday 16 June 2025 

Boards of Examiners 

  • UG main boards 
  • PG sub boards/Chairs action for Autumn or Spring modules.  

Thursday 19 June – Thursday 26 June 2025

Deadline for results processing & faculty approval 

  • UG - Confirm and process module results and awards on Portico 
  • PG - Confirm any Term 1 or Term 2 completed module results on Portico 

Wednesday 2 July 2025

Results day

  • UG - Students emailed results and awards (results available on Portico from Monday 8th July 2024)  
  • PG - Students with Term 1 or Term 2 completed module results will be emailed (provisional) and available on Portico 

Tuesday 8 July 2025

CAT Team capture data for LSA timetable date 

Tuesday 8 July 2025

Draft LSA central timetable review period for departments 

  • Draft timetable to be accompanied by a candidate list for checking 

Friday 11 July - Wednesday 16 July 2025

LSA Central timetable published 

Thursday 24 July 2025

LSA question paper deadline (for centrally managed assessments) 

Thursday 24 July 2025

HEAR refresh (undergraduate only)  

Early August 2025 

LSA Central Assessment Period 

The majority will be scheduled into the first two weeks (the third week being available should we have an increased number of candidates/exams) 

Monday 18 August - Friday 05 September 2025

LSA mark entry and exchange deadline 

  • Deadline for LSA mark entry and exchange of marks

Note: colleagues are encouraged to enter marks as soon as they are available 

Friday 12 September 2025

LSA Sub Boards 

  • UG progressing students and finalists 

Note: PGT LSA results to be considered at main Autumn Exam Board (unless other agreements in place). 

Friday 12 September to Friday 19 September 2025

Start of Term 1 

Monday 22nd September 2025

LSA deadline for results processing & faculty approval 

  • UG - Confirm module results and awards on Portico 

Note: The sooner the results are confirmed the sooner we can enable progression and allow students to re-enrol 

Results will be processed within 5 days of Faculty approval 

Thursday 25 September 2025

HEAR refresh for LSA results (undergraduate only)  

Early October 2025

Main PGT dissertation marking and second-marking deadline

Monday 20 October 2025

Deadline for enrolment  

Friday 10 October 2025

Deadline for re-enrolment 

Friday 24 October 2025

PGT Boards of Examiners  

Wednesday 29 October - Friday 7 November 2025

Deadline for Faculty approval 

Friday 14 November 2025

PGT Results Day 

Thursday 20 November 2025

PGT dissertation resit and deferral deadline  

Friday 30 January 2026

PGT Main Boards (non-standard start programmes)

Monday 09 February – 31 March 2026

PGT Sub Boards 

Monday 9 February - TBC

PGT Faculty award confirmation deadline 


PGT Results Day 

Release of PG student awards enabling attendance at graduation with rest of cohort. 



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