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Support for Departments during the Exam Board period

18 May 2021

All the information you need in advance of the boards, updates on regulations, Portico processes and reports

Academic Services have now updated the Exam Board Support website for 2021. There is a new section highlighting what data can be looked at in advance of the board. We have also uploaded all the videos and slides of the training sessions we have been running and will upload information from any subsequent ones too. Following lots of requests we have also developed new quick guides on mark entry. 

Keep checking back as we are also preparing some additional information to support exam boards to analyse the data and how to use a new comparison report which will go live soon.

The updated website now covers the following areas:

  • Revised Exams and Assessments Timeline 2021
  • Training Materials
  • Preparing for Exam Boards – Data Checks
  • Mark Entry
  • How to run an Exam Board
  • Statistical Analysis (coming soon)
  • Decisions Open to Exam Boards
  • Portico Progression and Award Rules
  • New UG Classification Regulations
  • Changes for Covid-19
  • Late Summer Assessment
  • FAQs

The updated website can be found via the following link: 

Exam Board Support (staff login required) 

Contact email for further information: academicregulations@ucl.ac.uk