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SID 9 User Updates 2020

23 December 2020

Following the most recent upgrade to the system, you may have noticed some changes to how things look, we have created a user summary of the updates.



Enhancements for Case Managment

  1. New case summary screen for all access controls to show all cases you have access to 

As part of the latest software update, Tribal have added a new cases summary screen. This screen shows all cases a user has access to, at every level of access control. Please note: this new screen now replaces the ‘All Enquiry Centre Summary’ link when the access control for a user is set to All enquiry centre access. 

From the Case Management option in the left-hand menu, there will now be a new option visible to users called ‘All Cases’ which appears under the ‘My Summary’ link. Clicking on this will show the user all cases that they have access to and allow them to click into these cases and view them. 

Enhancements for Enquiry Management

2. New multiple selection area 

As part of the latest software update, Tribal have added actions below the multiple selection box where users can create actions that apply to the multiple items. This has expanded the previous area. You will still need to tick the box for the action to be applied to all of the multiple selected items.

3. Enquiry navigation  

Tribal have updated the left-hand navigation, Enquiries now includes the search functionality. Users can search for enquiry codes, enquirer code or use the keyword search in the same way.  


Case Management

  1. When using a case action, the action displays in the action area, but just opens the login screen 

There was an issue with Case Action Links, such that when they were clicked the user was taken to the eVision login screen. This has now been resolved and Case Action Links take the user to the location specified within the link. 

2. Cannot view cases in summary screen where team applied as case owner when access control record set to own cases only 

While assigning a team as a Case Owner is shorthand for giving every member of that team access to the case in question, this was not properly reflected in the summary screens. The result of this was that if a user had access to their Own Cases Only, they would be able to access cases directly owned by their team using the search screen but would not be able to see those cases in their summary screen. Tribal have now resolved this issue by including cases with your team directly assigned to the My Summary view. 

  1. Incorrect email template used when using the Case management function “Create linked enquiry” 

When using the Case Management function “Create Linked Enquiry”, the email that was sent to the student was using the "New Call" email template, rather than the "Log Call On Request Of Caller" email template. This has now been fixed and the email template "Log Call On Request Of Caller" is now used to generate the email to be sent to the student. 

  1. The case access control setting “Link an existing case to an that enquiry from another user” does not currently work 

The functionality to link an existing case to an enquiry from another user, whilst in the enquiry summary screens, was not operating and so staff were only able to link cases to an enquiry where both were assigned to the same student. 

This functionality has now been re-implemented so that staff can now successfully make use of the ability to link existing cases to an enquiry from the same or a different user. 

  1. Incorrect number of cases returned when a Team had Read Only access

There was an issue identified where there were discrepancies between the cases displayed in the various Case Summary Screens and a Student's Profile. This was explicitly the case for cases that a Team were set up to have Read Only access to. Development work has been completed to eliminate these discrepancies. 

  1. Using Download Results functionality in Case Search does not include all results on spreadsheet 

An issue was identified with the Download Results functionality within the Case Search screen whereby not all of the retrieved results were being downloaded on to the excel document. This has been investigated and resolved, with all of the relevant Access Controls being considered, and the Download Results functionality presents those cases retrieved through the search, on the resulting Excel spreadsheet. 


  1. Booking appointment through Enquiry not successfully booking the appointment 

When booking onto an existing appointment from an enquiry, it was found that the enquiry code was not being decoded correctly when storing in the database, resulting in a broken link between the enquiry and the appointment in question. This has now been resolved to ensure the enquiry code is stored in the expected format and the link functions as intended. 

  1. If you double click to edit an appointment in the scheduler it adds a duplicate of the user who is attached to the meeting 

Issues were being experienced with the diary scheduler, in that when an appointment was double clicked to open it for editing, the student attached to the meeting was being duplicated. 

A fix has now been implemented and the issue resolved so that students are not duplicated upon double clicking an existing appointment to open it. 

  1. Book/Cancel appointments buttons do not work in responsive mode 

An issue was recently discovered concerning the responsiveness of the dairy functionality when using a mobile device on the student side. Specifically, when an appointment detail was expanded, the 'Book' and 'Cancel' buttons did not operate when selected. 

A fix has now been implemented to resolve this issue and the student side diary now functions on a mobile device as expected. 

  1. Revert of booked appointments being captured under ‘My Booked Appointments’ 

A database performance issue was encountered when surfacing Diary appointments in the scheduler screen as a result of a fix made to the appearance of booked appointments within the ‘My Booked Appointments’ section. 

A revert of the fix made to booked appointments being captured under ‘My Booked Appointments’ section has now been carried out and pre 9.0 diary surfacing logic has been reintroduced to resolve this issue. 

Enquiry Management

  1. Issue with * in Enquiries 

Tribal have resolved an issue where the asterisk symbol (*) was not coming through on enquiries which were logged using EMH. 

  1. Enquiry standard responses are not working 

Due to redesign work performed in the system for the release of SID9, the standard response selection for "Category", "Staff", and "Team" became unusable. This issue has now been resolved so all standard responses function as before. 

  1. Helpdesk is not ordering Enquiry actions as stipulated 

It was discovered that helpdesk was not showing correctly, meaning enquiry actions were not ordered as updated first. This has now been resolved. 

  1. Error messaging for images exceeding allowed file size in text editor should be consistent across enquiries screens 

Tribal have resolved an issue where the error message displayed to the user when adding an image to text editor which exceeded file size 100kb was inconsistent across screens. The error message displayed is now consistent across all enquiry summary screens. 

  1. Focus is set on the top of the page after every action 

There was an issue identified whereby the focus of the page in the Enquiries Summary screens was being reset to the top after each successful enquiry update. This has been changed and any messaging appears above the action dropdown, this resulting in a much smaller change of focus. This has been rectified for multi updates too. Error message wise, anything relating to the update of an Enquiry will appear in the same area whereas any general errors will still appear at the top of the screen. 

If you have noticed any other changes or have experienced any issues, please email us at sidhelp