Student and Registry Services


Supporting LGBTQ+ staff – a bite size training session for SRS staff

13 September 2019

All SRS staff are invited to attend a one hour training session which will examine how to enable LGBTQ+ people to be themselves at work.

When and where?

Thursday 17 October 2019, 1pm - 2pm, Jeffrey Hall, IOE 20 Bedford Way

The session is an abridged version of a 3 hour session on being an LGBTQ+ ally delivered as a part of the UCL Organisational Development portfolio in 2018-19.

It will cover the importance of being informed, visible and inclusive and demonstrate ways staff can do this.

All staff are welcome to turn up on the day for the training, no previous registration is required. Please contact Temoor Raja t.raja@ucl.ac.uk with any queries.

About the trainer

Dr Jayne Kavanagh (UCL Medical School) will deliver this session held as part of an SRS DEOLO Network initiative. Jayne is a Principal Clinical Teaching Fellow, medical ethics lead at the UCL Medical School, founder of Target Medicine and Viva la Vulva and recently received a UCL Provost’s Education Award in recognition of her innovative and inclusive approach to education.