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Fixing Portico update: December 2019

5 December 2019

Changes to maintaining module and programme data

The Academic Review process has been revised to make it easier to confirm module and programme information. 

In response to feedback from departments, we have made three major changes:  

  • Rather than re-verify all data, departments need to review only data that has been rolled forward from the current year and make changes where necessary;
  • instead of a single ‘academic review’ data collection, staff will be able to revise certain curriculum data throughout the year, according to when it is required for business processes. The new process is designed to better reflect the reality of what information is available when (or might change) by permitting departments to change fields like staff names until later cut-off dates;
  • as departments are responsible for the accuracy of this data, Heads of Departments are required to formally confirm, by 6 March, that the data held in Portico accurately reflects the department’s programme and module offering for 2020/21.

Why this information is required

Accurate and timely module and programme data will improve the staff and student experiences of related outputs and processes such as module catalogue, module selection and timetabling.


January 2020
  • Departments can begin to confirm modules and programme diets for 2020/21
  • Training/Support available for department staff
  • Instructions sent to Heads of Department on how to complete the sign-off
February 2020
  • Modules and programme diets for 2020/21 completed by departments
March 2020
  • Data signed-off by Heads of Departments
  • Publish Module Catalogue for 2020/21
  • Timetabling continues
March – June 2020
  • Modules and programme diets for 2020/21 completed by departments
June 2020
  • Programme diets for 2020/21 complete
July 2020
  • Cut-off for any changes to data for 2020/21 modules
August 2020
  • Module selection for new and returning students opens

Contact email for further information: academicmodelproject@ucl.ac.uk