UCL Internal Quality Review

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Internal Quality Review

Internal Quality Review (IQR) is UCL's central academic quality management and enhancement process. IQR is a rolling programme of peer review, which operates on an approximately five-yearly cycle and includes all academic departments of UCL (as well as a small number of non-departmental academic units and interdepartmental degree programmes).

For the IQR policy and procedure and for the schedule of IQRs from 2013-14 to 2018-2019 please go to Chapter 6 of the Academic Manual at


Please see details of Good Practice and Recommendations for Action arising from previous IQRs.

Reports arising from previous IQRs are also available to view (UCL staff and students only).


Academic Services is responsible for providing briefing for academic departments and Review Teams on the IQR process. Briefing sessions for new IQR Reviewers are held annually and briefing material can be found below:

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