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Governance and committees

Find out about the structure of UCL, the formal committees that form part of our organisational governance process, and details about our quality management and enhancement strategy.
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UCL’s governance structure includes the Council, the Academic Board and a formal committee structure.



Details of our standing committees constitutions and memberships, terms of reference and dates of meetings.


Research governance

Our research governance policies and procedures outline the expectations for the conduct of research and define action to be taken in the event of suspected research misconduct.

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Academic structure

Find further information on the academic organisation of UCL, including a list of formal academic units established by the Council and information on restructuring of the academic units.

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Appointment of Professors

Details of the appointment procedure for Professorial roles at UCL.

Find out more about the Registrar's Office

Honorary Degrees and Honorary Fellowships

List of Honorary Degrees and Fellowships, including information on nomination and award criteria.


Selecting UCL’s next President and Provost

Details of the consultation on the candidate brief for the next President and Provost.