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Extended Project

This page contains details of the Extended Project.

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About the Quaification

The Extended Project at Level 3 is an option available to all students taking A-levels. It is also a mandatory element of the new Diploma qualification. Students undertaking an Extended Project will study a topic of their choice in depth and develop independent research and study skills. The Extended Project will be approximately the size of an AS-level qualification in terms of teaching and learning time. Common to all Extended Project specifications will be the requirement that learners should:

  • Carry out activities to research their chosen topic/task
  • Provide evidence of their research process
  • Arrive at a conclusion/outcome to their task
  • Produce and/or deliver a presentation of the outcome
  • Produce a written report.

For admission purposes, the Extended Project is deemed acceptable as an alternative to the current fourth AS-level requirement. Take-up and performance of students entering UCL with an Extended Project will be reviewed.